Choosing an Emerald-cut or Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Love fancy shape diamonds but not sure which shape or how to choose? Here’s my experience on what works and why:

Emerald cuts: Amal Clooney and Beyonce are two strong independent women who rock emerald cut diamonds as their engagement rings.


Emerald cuts are not as sparkly as a round brilliant or princess cut, but they offer a sophisticated, supremely timeless look – with step-cut facets that catch the light and elongate the finger beautifully, no matter what size the stone is.


Emerald-cuts will never go out of style and are gorgeously feminine. At MaeVona we have a range of emerald-cut designs that display this stunning stone beautifully. My favorites are the Westray (below) and the Eorsa emerald. Both are simply classic, allowing the stone to sit low on the finger, with just enough round brilliant pave-set diamond accents to add sparkle and contrast to the center stone.



Now, if you love emerald cuts but are unsure about the elongated look of it, maybe an asscher cut is the right choice for you? It offers the same sophisticated look but in a simple cut-corner square shape, and often feels like it has a little more sparkle. My favorite asscher cut ring we make is the Ellary; it has two unique Trinity-shape shoulders and beautiful split shank with pave-set diamonds that offset the center perfectly.


Love asscher shape but feel it’s just not sparkly enough? Then a cushion-cut diamond could be right for you. With more sparkle like a round brilliant, this soft and pretty shape works with all finger and hand shapes. For showing off this stone, I recommend a prong setting like our Sollas that allows the shank and fancy pear-shape flush-set accents to frame it delicately.


For an even softer and more feminine look, Blake Lively shows us how to wear the perfect oval diamond engagement ring. Ovals also elongate the finger.


If an oval solitaire feels a little simple for you, look for a ring with accents that offer more than a simple halo and add pretty details, like our floral-inspired Snowdrop, with our signature petal prongs and leaf-shaped shank.


Fancy-shape diamonds definitely stand out from the crowd, and even in a simple mounting, give a designer look. Hope this has given you all some fancy food for thought! Let me know what you think. You can also call us for a Custom Design Consultation including advice about which stone is right for you, at 1-888-MAEVONA or email us



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Celebrity Engagement Rings

We all love to see what celebrities are choosing for their engagement rings, and here at MaeVona we want to make styles you love affordable on all budgets. So here are a few of our favorite celebrity ring choices, together with a MaeVona ring inspired by their style.

First, the adorable Ellen and Portia. East-West or side-set fancy shapes are very popular right now, and this marquise diamond stunner with flowing metalwork and pave diamond accents shows how stylish that can be.

Ellen Degeneres

If you love that look, check out our iconic SKYE ring, with an equally beautiful profile and sparkly shank.

SKYE engagement ring

Next, we love the look of Emily Blunt’s simple and classic ring. Just a touch of diamond accents on the shoulder and a tapered shank reminds us of our EORSA ring, with a beautiful open profile to let the light in.


EORSA engagement ring

Up next is the gorgeous Drew Barrymore. Isn’t she the greatest?! We love how she has taken a simple shank ring to not distract from the beautiful rectangular center diamond, and has paired it with a more intricate band to add detail.


We would achieve this look with our elegant WESTRAY EMERALD ring, which is movie star classic but with a twist of unique design on the profile and that delicate split shank, available with or without diamond pave.


Which of these are your favorite? Is there a celebrity look you love but don’t know how to create it? Just call us 1-888-MAEVONA or email for a custom design consultation with our experts today. Happy shopping!


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From Scotland to Hawaii!

We love nothing more than seeing our rings in action – on fingers, out and about, and at weddings. The rings are always such a treasured and important part of the ceremony, which we are honored to contribute to. Today we received some amazing photos from customer Lauren and her new husband Bart, who just got married in beautiful Hawaii. The customer’s grandmother’s diamonds from her own wedding and engagement rings were set into the new rings, to refresh it for the next generation while retaining all the sentiment.

Moray engagement ring

Bart chose the Moray ring in Platinum for Lauren by himself. Lauren is very active in sports, fitness and outdoors life, and he knew she would need a practical ring so she didn’t always have to take it off. The Moray is perfect for this purpose with its twist shoulders and half bezel setting, protecting the center diamond on both sides. Bart also commented he thought the design looked like a wave in the ocean, which is perfect for them as they call the Hawaiian islands home as well as their wedding location – lucky pair! The custom wedding band is set with her grandmothers’ own wedding ring stones, and fits seamlessly against the engagement ring, making a breathtaking sparkly and stunning set.

Moray engagement ring

Bart chose a Harris ring in Platinum for himself – it has enough nature-inspired design to feel special and match Lauren’s in style, while the engraved chevron pattern gives a simply classic feel.

Moray set and Harris mens band

We love these photos set in the stunning natural paradise of Hawaii. Thank you Bart and Lauren, congratulations from all at MaeVona, and may these rings bring you many years of happiness together xox

Moray set and Harris mens band

from Maevona

Tired of halo rings?!

Are you hoping for a Spring proposal but tired of seeing halo engagement rings and not sure where to begin? Although I love how classic the halo ring is, I always make sure MaeVona has a wide range of rings which offer a beautiful, feminine and sophisticated alternative to halos. Here are a couple of my favorites and some more ideas on how to choose non-halo rings. Check out for the full selection!
Meadowsweet engagement ring
Meadowsweet (above) is a gorgeous example of a ring with plenty sparkly diamond accents, but in a trefoil shape on either side of the center, instead of all around the stone. This look elongates your finger and makes an elegant statement. The pear shape prongs catch the light and will definitely get lots of attention while also being practical enough for everyday wear.
IRIS PAVE engagement ring
IRIS PAVE (above) is another great choice. It does technically have stones inset around the center, but safely protected in a beautiful floral-inspired pattern spaced out by heart-shape prongs – so pretty and unique. The graceful split shank is available with or without diamond pave, and the ring is so low set you could wear it daily for most activities without taking it off.
TANSY PAVE engagement ring
Next up (above) is TANSY PAVE, a real wildflower of a ring. That nature-inspired shank looks like it grows around your finger, with the marquise and round accent diamonds as the leaves. When you try this ring on you fall in love – the styling is so organic and feminine. The shank is available with or without pave diamonds accents.
GAIRSAY PAVE engagement ring
Here is our fabulous GAIRSAY (above). Those kite shapes! This is a real movie-star ring. I just love how unique the kites make it look. The way the ring lies across the finger, set in those MaeVona-signature leaf-shaped prongs, is very beautiful and elegant – classic with a touch of boom!
POPPY PAVE engagement ring
No ring choice would be complete without one of my all-time favorites – POPPY PAVE. Inspired by the big billowy pear-shaped petals of a Scottish wild Poppy flower, comes this amazing unique but classic ring. The pear shape accents ensure this ring stands out from a crowd, and the twist of the shank makes it flow beautifully around the finger. Still plenty of sparkle on the shank too, and the pave winds up and around the ring like vines. So gorgeous!
As you can tell, I am a fan of diamond accents on engagement rings – they just don’t have to be all around the center stone, and they don’t always have to be round! If you want to get a little fancy, but stay classic at the same time, knowing your ring is classic enough to last a lifetime, this kind of ring is a good solution for you.
Of course, with the matching band you can change up the whole look – make it more sparkly, make it look wider, enhance the center, or stay plain and classic with a simple band that can also easily be worn alone.
So much to think about!  We are here to help. Call 1-888-MAEVONA or email to build your dream ring today…

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