Band-it Together with Diamond Wedding Rings

Is there such a thing like too many diamonds? Traditional wedding bands were thought to be a simple white or gold band, in the past. At present, traditional bands are an exception to the rule.  If you are trying to decide whether you want a diamond wedding ring, then there are a few things to consider.

Some thumb rules 
A diamond wedding ring or a traditional wedding band could be perfect if your engagement ring is a traditional solitaire. A diamond wedding ring could compliment an engagement ring with diamonds in the shoulders. The width of the band usually compliments the wedding ring.

Match the Diamond Setting Style
If you are matching the width, then matching the setting style is a good idea. You can consider a grain setting for a great style. Grain setting is perfect for creating a diamond border. The diamond border can highlight the center of the wedding ring. Along with a grain setting, you can also consider a shared claw wedding ring.

Diamond Shapes
It may seem like a good idea to match the wedding rings to the shoulder diamonds of the engagement rings. Princess cut diamond is an exception to this rule. They are best suited for channel settings. Round brilliant cut diamonds are a fitted wedding band. They are perfect if you want a contrast.


If you are still unsure about what wedding ring suits your requirements, Maevona will help make your decision-making process easier for you. We provide engagement rings, wedding rings, bands, and diamonds rings. So, head on over to Maevona. Visit Maevona Store or call +1-212-557-7300.


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