Fashion Jewelry Trends for Women to Boost the Summer Sparkle

Shirts, shorts, sandals and tank tops are the style choices the heat of the summer offers. The heat does change the selection of jewelry as well. What looks good the 2017 summers? There are is a range of inspiring and attractive jewelry trends that sparkle and twinkle. Choose from the jewelry selection Maevona offers or mix and match a few together for the own ideal summer look.

Maevona Jewelry Collection
Change the look of last season’s dress with jewelry inspired by Maevona. Leather shoes with silver and colorful stones of the earth present a classic modern statement. To complete the elegant look, wear complementing bracelets and earrings.

Turquoise, a part of Maevona’s jewelry trend, is gorgeous in its own place. The soulful stone skyrockets the top of the summer jewelry list. Turquoise offers a simple appeal contrary to chunky rings to flowing necklaces. Pair it with bright colored stones as an amazing collective, or wear it as a gorgeous focal point.

Yellow Gold
This summer, decorate your wrist and circle your throat with sparkling yellow gold. It looks perfect with a tan and is amazing for several popular stones.  A yellow gold piece of jewelry is designed for everyone, be it bold and chunky or shiny or brushed.

Colored Diamonds
A girl’s best friend has always been diamond and the perfect accessories would be colored like pink, yellow and brown. Diamonds with a hue are perfect for the summers. Colored diamonds set in white, yellow, rose sure add a lovely splash.

Fine and Romantic
The essence of the modern class are filigreed necklaces and thin earrings, this summer. If you want a more feminine appeal, wear a delicate pendant.

Fringe Effects
The fringe effect is a different jewelry trend for women. So, far it has been the best. Necklaces designed in metal and crystals are quite stylish.

These are some of the best fashion jewelry trends for women. If you still have a few more questions, then head on over to Maevona. Visit Maevona or call +1 212-557-7300.


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