Lab Diamonds v/s Real Diamonds

You may have wondered that how different man made diamonds are when compared to earth mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds also known as synthetic diamonds have a crystal frame structure like the earth mined diamonds. These Diamonds are produced in today’s modern laboratories.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. Are lab diamonds different from earth mined diamonds? They have different origins. Most diamonds are mined in the Tundras in Canada and most are mined from alluvial deposits in Africa. Most diamonds are grown in a lab.

Lab created diamonds long used for industrial purposes, these man-made diamonds are increasingly being used in jewelry as an identical substitute for natural diamonds. When it comes to the real difference in lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds is how they are made.

There are several ways of making diamonds, whatever their origin. It is the same rock once cut.  Is there a unique and different way of making lab diamonds? The diamonds can be created in two ways. One way of making them is high-pressure high-temperature.  Diamond crystals are created by using diamond or carbon soup in high-temperatures. The second method is with chemical vapor deposition.  A diamond crystal seed is grown in a chamber in several layers.

Lab created diamonds are very popular. They are ethical and unique as compared to the mined diamonds.  The selection of a ring needs selecting a center gemstone and setting. So, when it comes to purchasing a ring, then turn to Maevona. It provides a selection of beautiful diamond jewelry. With all this, you can easily find a perfect lab-created diamond ring.

If you need some more information, head on over to Maevona or call +1-212-557-7300.


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