Difference in Classic Engagement Rings and Vintage Engagement Rings

There is a lot to think about when it comes to selecting between a classic engagement ring and a vintage engagement ring. There are several differences between types of rings.

Maevona Diamond Rings

Fashion plays an important role in what is considered as vintage style rings. They look different as compared to the classic engagement rings in terms of the metal, diamond cut, and the stones. There is no right or wrong way of selecting an engagement ring.  There are differences between the two rings which you need to understand. There are a few elements that you have to be aware of when looking at the two kinds of rings.

1. Diamond Cut
How they are cut is one of the biggest differences between vintage and classic engagement rings. A diamond cut is the facets and angles that reflect light on a diamond. The cut of a diamond plays a significant role in the sparkle and beauty of a diamond. Vintage diamonds are cut deeper and seem smaller as compared to classic diamonds with the same carat weight.

Some of the popular vintage diamond cuts that you find are old mine cuts, old European cuts and antique cushion cuts. Classic diamonds are the feature and brilliant cuts like a princess and round brilliant.

2. Diamond Color Grade
A classic diamond has a perfect diamond with the color grade of D, E or F. Colorless diamonds according to GIA are more desirable. Vintage diamonds rarely have color grades starting from D to H.

3. Types of Metal
Yellow gold is the metal for vintage engagement rings. The other metals for this particular ring is platinum and rose gold. White gold is the metal for the classic engagement rings.

4. Styles
Vintage engagement rings have much more ornate designs and are likely to be handcrafted. Filigree is something that is created by hand on a vintage ring.  Classic rings are likely to be cleaner and sleeker.

These are some of the differences seen in vintage and classic engagement rings. If you want to more about the differences between the 2 rings, head on over to Maevona. Visit maevona.com or call +1-212-557-7300.


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