Choosing an Emerald-cut or Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Love fancy shape diamonds but not sure which shape or how to choose? Here’s my experience on what works and why:

Emerald cuts: Amal Clooney and Beyonce are two strong independent women who rock emerald cut diamonds as their engagement rings.


Emerald cuts are not as sparkly as a round brilliant or princess cut, but they offer a sophisticated, supremely timeless look – with step-cut facets that catch the light and elongate the finger beautifully, no matter what size the stone is.


Emerald-cuts will never go out of style and are gorgeously feminine. At MaeVona we have a range of emerald-cut designs that display this stunning stone beautifully. My favorites are the Westray (below) and the Eorsa emerald. Both are simply classic, allowing the stone to sit low on the finger, with just enough round brilliant pave-set diamond accents to add sparkle and contrast to the center stone.



Now, if you love emerald cuts but are unsure about the elongated look of it, maybe an asscher cut is the right choice for you? It offers the same sophisticated look but in a simple cut-corner square shape, and often feels like it has a little more sparkle. My favorite asscher cut ring we make is the Ellary; it has two unique Trinity-shape shoulders and beautiful split shank with pave-set diamonds that offset the center perfectly.


Love asscher shape but feel it’s just not sparkly enough? Then a cushion-cut diamond could be right for you. With more sparkle like a round brilliant, this soft and pretty shape works with all finger and hand shapes. For showing off this stone, I recommend a prong setting like our Sollas that allows the shank and fancy pear-shape flush-set accents to frame it delicately.


For an even softer and more feminine look, Blake Lively shows us how to wear the perfect oval diamond engagement ring. Ovals also elongate the finger.


If an oval solitaire feels a little simple for you, look for a ring with accents that offer more than a simple halo and add pretty details, like our floral-inspired Snowdrop, with our signature petal prongs and leaf-shaped shank.


Fancy-shape diamonds definitely stand out from the crowd, and even in a simple mounting, give a designer look. Hope this has given you all some fancy food for thought! Let me know what you think. You can also call us for a Custom Design Consultation including advice about which stone is right for you, at 1-888-MAEVONA or email us



from Maevona


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