Fair Isle adventures

SENTIMENT. Regardless of price, age or heritage, the sentiment and story behind a jewel is what makes it so special. One of the most rewarding things I find about designing engagement rings is to see customers discover and create their own sentiment and story around their engagement ring.

In particular, I love to hear when one of our rings has gone on a journey with a happy couple back to my homeland, Scotland, to visit the place their ring is named after. It is the ultimate full circle – weaving past, present and future into one ring.

Some MaeVona couples have traveled all the way to visit remote Scottish islands – both inhabited and uninhabited – while others have taken summer festival breaks in Edinburgh, enjoyed culture trips to Glasgow, gone mountain climbing from Inverness and whisky tasting in Oban, all with their MaeVona rings in tow.

I love how the location itself can inspire the ring choice – especially when the couple discovers they have Celtic or Scottish heritage – whereas other times the design choice comes first, leading the intrepid couple to uncover the country and place that inspired their ring.

Fair Isle rings

The wild and remote Scottish island of Fair Isle is one of the most adventurous destinations you could choose, inspiring one of my all-time favorite MaeVona designs – a sleek and smooth graduated shank with pretty pear shape accents framing the center stone, set in a delicate pierced bezel.

Fair Isle, Scotland

Fair Isle itself is a tiny, wild island with a population of 50. Did you see the beautiful knitted patterns on Chanel’s Fall catwalk? These patterns originated on Fair Isle. They are still handknitted by locals on the island who learned the skills and patterns from their ancestors. Get your hands on an original if you can – check out the exquisite earth-toned work of MatiVentrillon.

Fair Isle knitwear by Mati Ventrillon

The boat to Fair Isle only sails weather permitting – so if we go, with any luck, we could be stranded due to storms for a few extra days, just enough time to explore…so, who’s up for an adventure?!   Fair Isle


from Maevona http://ift.tt/2lhP54i


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