Top trending engagement Rings

An engagement ring is not just a plain declaration of a man’s unconditional love to his beautiful lady but also a promise from him to her that he will be by her side forever, in good times as well as in trying times. It doesn’t take one to be Sherlock to find the most enticing engagement ring for his gorgeous girlfriend. Just remember her personal choices, her favorite color and little sweet nothings and you will be able to find the perfect engagement ring: a ring that will be a true reflection of your intriguing love story.

Here we are presenting some exquisitely designed, masterpiece dazzlers from which you can easily choose one that best suits your ladylove.

Princess cut:

An engagement ring in princess cut diamond is the classiest and feminine ring that will romantically bind both of you together with its royal razzle dazzle.  Although, a princess ring goes very well with platinum, still you can always experiment with metals of your choice to give it a more personalized feel. A princess cut diamond engagement ring is the most preferred choice of the fearless brides who love experimenting with contemporary looks.

Emerald Cut Diamond:

A rectangular step cut diamond in an alluring emerald cut is just right for your modish lover. The understated gleam of an emerald cut diamond gives the wearer an appealing and enduring feel. Make her rave like a celebrity and sweep her off her feet by gifting an emerald cut Diamond ring to her. You bet she would say ‘YES’ in an instance.

Dream Hued Diamonds:

For your sassy girl, who loves to make a style statement with everything she sports, dream hued diamonds in different colors are the best choice for her. You can choose from different shades of red, to deep blue, to even brown and purple as well. You can even make a bold statement by opting for a black diamond…Yes, you read it right. A rare black diamond for your rarest gem of a ladylove.

Exquisite Square Bands:

Bored of seeing all those rings in round shape embedded with chunky gemstones…..Whew…How about considering an exquisite square engagement ring laden with intricate length of mini diamonds, quite a newfangled option in jewelry. It sure is to entice your gorgeous girlfriend along with giving her a lot of comfort while wearing it as it doesn’t hurt your fingers.

Vintage inspired Scrollwork:

For the elegant girl who loves all things vintage with a contemporary , this is a perfect ring. You can customize a scrollwork ring by adding elements that she loves like flowers, leaves, or an intricate pattern of her choice adorned with beautiful diamonds.

Marquise cut Diamond:

Long and narrow Marquise cut diamond, usually in oblong shape compliments a woman with long artistic fingers. It is also a statement ring as it appears larger in surface area as compared to anyother ring in terms of carats. You can also ascentuate the centrepiece by surrounding it with mini colorful diamonds.

Double Shanks:

A Double Shanks is a contemporary ring with an interesting greek myth attached to it: it states that two partners in love are always bound together by love and commitment to each other. A Double Shanks ring set in with a Halo Diamond is actually a gorgeous ring, an eternal symbol of your love.

Mixed Metal Halos:

So she is fond of different metals and that brings you in a state of confusion. Well, we have a dramatic solution to that as well. Lets mix all the three metals and entwine it to form a contemporary rope structure and then adorn it with eternity diamonds. Viola! what a masterpiece that too customized to suit her style.

V- Shaped Prongs:

A V-shaped prong is like a claw of metal that holds the diamond in the right place so as to maintain its delicacy. It is great for holding on to solitaires for a classic look.

Modern Metals:

So, she loves all things unique and state of the art pieces, then you can propose her with an elegant wide cuff diamond ring in rose gold. This rosy pink hue of the ring is sure to make her blush naturally everytime she will sees it adorning her fingers.


A delicate bow adorned with a mini deep red diamond is an appropriate ring for your love if she adores all things girly. This engagement ring is an ode to the fashionista in her.
So, chose your declaration of love with extra care and sweep her off her feet. Remember that your choice of ring should compliment her style b’coz that will command the true essence of your relationship and commitment towards her. Love her unconditionally coz that’s all a woman wants.

from Maevona


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